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Noel Wentworth Kelowna Civic Election 2022

Let’s work together

Noel has been a business owner, manager, organizer, performing artist and teacher. Through his various roles, Noel has become an excellent listener, problem solver, team player and creative mind.

Kelowna is one of the best places to live in Canada but there are a number of things we should do and be doing to improve our city.

The areas of most concern to Noel are:


People feeling safe no matter where they are in our city is a big priority.

I am committed to working with the electoral body of Kelowna to implement proactive and creative solutions to support the need for additional RCMP and fire fighters as well as other initiatives to help our community feel more protected and safe.


Desperate people do desperate things. We need to work on the reasons why crime happens in the first place.

Recognizing addiction and mental health can be part of the spectrum of homeless issues, I support effective dry solutions as well the building of a complex care facility to support the homeless and addiction on Kelowna City Council.



As we’ve grown, traffic flow, daily commutes and the William Bennett bridge have become significant issues impacting nearly everyone. I am committed to supporting alleviating the bottlenecks and finding permanent ways to disperse traffic.

New densified housing developments will become more and more common and important as we grow as a city. If elected to city council, I will be supporting attainable first step housing where a buyer can develop home equity and allow them to move into larger housing more suitable for families as time moves along.

Honesty, Transparency and Communication.

Why Choose Noel For Kelowna City Council?

Born and raised in Kelowna, Noel Wentworth has always been passionate about giving back to his community.

Along side his wife and two children, Noel has been instrumental in raising over $270,000 for the Kelowna General Hospital’s paediatric ward, helped build Joe Anna’s House, the Foundry and the MADD 911 signs around out city. He has also established high school credit for students in BC studying popular music, organized and donated his time to provide free interactive musical events for the public and at risk children as well as supported walks for MS and Hospice.

Noel has been a business owner, manager, organizer, performing artist and teacher. He is also a volunteer member of the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC) representing Arts and Culture for the Central Okanagan.

Through his various roles, Noel has become an excellent listener, problem solver, team player and creative mind. Within the past few months, He has watched many recorded and in person city council meetings to become familiar with our Cities plans and needs.

Noel would be honoured to bring his experience and skills to serve on Kelowna city council.

Election Days and Times

Why Am I Running?

Now that I’ve retired from my position of Vice president of Education and Media at Wentworth Music, it’s time to take on my next decision making role.

I have taken in many in person and previously recorded city council meetings to be as prepared as I can. The whole process has been not only enlightening but also fascinating and exciting to me.

You see, Kelowna has been my home my entire life. I have given my time, fundraised and volunteered here since I was 11 years old. To see what’s happening behind the scenes and learn about how we can help shape our city is an exciting and privileged position I would love to be a part of.

It has given me great pride in the past to be involved as part of a team and then seeing the results as we make improvements.

It would be an honour to serve our community as a councillor on Kelowna City Council.

Small Business

As a business owner, I understand a lot of things.

The excitement, the planning, responsible spending, the customers and the fulfilment of being an entrepreneur is something that resonates strongly with me and my family.

I also get the extra hours involved that the public doesn’t see and the struggles of running a business.

I would like to be a voice for small business on Kelowna City Council and help support in any way that I can.

Arts and Culture

As a creative individual, I need to build and create to be happy.

For the last 30+ years, I’ve been a professional musician, award winning songwriter, painter and award winning hair dresser.  Through collaboration,  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Dancers and other community based organizations to create memorable and impactful events for our city.

I currently represent Arts and Culture on the COEDC (Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission) and look forward to supporting creative ideas on Kelowna City Council to help  animate, connect and bring Kelowna to life.


Our family is maybe much like yours.

Work, school, activities, commuting, organizing, teaching, volunteering and fitting in time to spend with each other.

We’re all busy. I get it.

The important thing for me is that I want to see all families feel safe and secure in our city and that we have the necessary supports in place to make that happen.


Bettina Muller
Bettina MullerDirector of Philanthropy at Kelowna General Hospital Foundation
Noel’s passion, dedication and sheer determination to make a difference is beyond admirable. Noel and his family are proud Kelowna citizens who believe in making our community the best it can be. We are incredibly grateful for everything Noel has and continues to do!
Alex Gay
Alex GayCommunity Support Worker
I stand with and fully endorse Noel Wentworth for Kelowna City Council, Noel is an incredible, good hearted, honest and most of all caring human being. He has given SOOOO much to this city and the young folks that grew up here.
Walter Gray
Walter GrayFormer Kelowna Mayor
Among prospective new talent on Kelowna City Council, I strongly support Noel Wentworth. Born in Kelowna, Noel has all the ingredients to add meaningful depth and commitment for the challenges ahead.